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Do your prospects trust you enough to give you a call?

When the phone isn’t ringing, it’s frustrating. Too many brilliant thought leaders think they might be “too boring” to attract the attention they seek. I disagree. In fact, clients with the most compelling stories end up on TV, on the radio, and in print.

Don’t hide from your story! Having once shied away, I now embrace and speak about my experiences as an entrepreneur and skier, who happens to be blind. You, too, can leverage your unique stories to become better known, trusted, and remembered.

My speaking and ghostwriting services empower innovative thought leaders to:

  • Position themselves as the solution to customer challenges
  • Shift from frustrated to fulfilled by outreach efforts
  • Build rapport with readers so they’ll take action
  • Share the stories behind their knowledge

How? With my Innovator’s Trust-Building Toolkit, using these four pillars:

  • Clarity – attract the right people
  • Connection – build rapport and good will
  • Content – become better known, trusted, and remembered — meaningfully
  • Consistency – strategic writing, on your schedule

Clients hire me to strategically combine ghostwritten books/e-books with:

  • Blogs
  • Bios
  • E-courses
  • Website content
  • Press releases

Don’t let other people tell your story for you! Call (631) 505-4011 today.

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