3 Outreach and Fundraising Tips I Learned At Philanthropy Day Long Island

AFPLI_header1Philanthropy Day Long Island

Philanthropy Day Long Island is an annual conference of the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Long Island (AFPLI.) This all-day conference includes lots of helpful workshops, as well as awards.

Now, I will expand upon three simple tips I learned from Philanthropy Day Long Island workshops.

Decide How Philanthropy Will Affect Your Organization

During the Fundraising Basics workshop, the instructor discussed a “culture of philanthropy.” To implement this, you need to define a clear role for philanthropy.

For example, I am on the board of Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO), a disability rights and advocacy organization. Since we do not raise enough funds to cover broad operational costs, we might decide to use certain funds for a specific project, such as a special event or service.

To implement this piece of advice, we need to identify clear next steps. For example, who will complete the required fundraising tasks? How and when will we spend the money?

Recognize Success

There are different types of success: program success, fundraising success, and There are many ways to recognize success.

  • Sharing individual success stories.
  • Thanking individual donors and quantifying moneys raised.
  • Quantifying what the organization can do with a certain amount of money.

Focus On Individuals

This simple tip has broad implications. Here are some practical ways to implement it.

    • Focus on individual mission moments.
    • Meet and converse with local foundations and individuals.
    • Build the right team. Consider partnering with other related organizations.

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I am thankful to have attended Philanthropy Day Long Island. This is only a small taste of what I learned, so feel free to post questions and comments.


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