Who are you? Business Bio Copywriting

Make Or Break Your Business Bio: Key Copywriting Concerns

Whether you want to impress that next big client, land your next speaking gig, maintain your social media, or publish an editorial, you will need a business bio. I view every professional bio as a work in progress, especially as your career grows. As a copywriter, I specifically work with business owners to craft bios […]

Fake News Newspaper Headlines

Fake News and the Search for Truth: Who to Trust and When

Please note: this post discusses how to search for truth in what we read, rather than addressing political issues. It’s about how distorted facts, misused statistics, and quotes from so-called experts worm their way into seemingly credible news stories. I will also touch upon truth in marketing, especially how to consider testimonials and claims on […]

Social Media Icons

Managing Tech Time Wasters Affecting Your Business Now

My clients and I are regularly bombarded with emails and social media posts. Both can waste a lot of time, and in business, time is money. As I discover ways to break through the noise and information overload in my own life, I’m also becoming aware of how these concerns affect customers and prospects. Less […]