About Long Island’s Good News Nook

My Inspiration

Have you ever wished there was more good in the world, and especially on Long Island? Well, I say there is way more good happening here than many people realize.

Bad news is easy enough to find. You can find tales of woe in every newspaper, on every radio and television station, and all over the Internet. Yet, a simple Google search for “good news Long Island” turns up little of interest, if you want real news and events.

All across Long Island, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals are creating, innovating, and doing good deeds. They share and give back to their communities, but people rarely hear about their good works.

This is my little corner of the Web, where positivity flourishes.

Many of my blog posts feature current nonprofit happenings that affect the community. Readers will also find public relations and fundraising tips for nonprofits and small businesses.

Other posts feature inspiring success stories of people from all walks of life. Occasionally, I share new products, services, or research studies that impact Long Islanders.

Have An Idea For A Blog Post?

If you have a group, project, or cause that is close to your heart, feel free to contact me with blog ideas or to become a guest blogger.

I welcome stories about creative, innovative, or otherwise interesting Long Island people and places. My goal is to inform, inspire, get to know you, or just make you smile.


2 thoughts on “About Long Island’s Good News Nook

  1. As Sarah Jackson’s Gold Award Mentor for the Massapequa Association of Girl Scouts, I want to thank you for recognizing her hard work. How did you hear about her project?

    1. Hello Beth,

      Thanks for contacting me, and welcome to my blog. I found out about Sarah’s project from Donna Rivera-Downey at Girl Scouts of Nassau County. Please share the post with other Girl Scouts and feel free to contact me with ideas about other girls to interview in the future.

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