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Anyone Can Use It But Nobody’s Buying: Content Marketing To Attract Diverse Customers

“My product is for everyone!” and “I’m not reaching anyone.” What do these statements have in common? The same person made both of these statements, and I’ve heard many variations. How do you market a product or service that’s useful, even life-changing, to customers who differ so much from one another? Here’s what to consider as you plan your marketing communications.

Not All Ideal Customers Are The Same

One standard marketing starter is to ask yourself, “Who is my ideal customer?” You might be surprised how much you already know about your customers’ thoughts, feelings, opinions, and behavior, especially as they relate to your product or service. This process works best when you have a specific person in mind, either real or fictitious. Along with basic demographics such as age or gender, you ponder questions like:

  • I believe that my customer needs XYZ, so is this what he/she believes also?
  • What challenges does my ideal customer face?
  • How crucial are such challenges to the customer?
  • What questions does he/she ask when seeking solutions?
  • What does he/she want right now?
  • How is he/she feeling?
  • What solutions has he/she already tried?
  • How successful were his/her previous solutions?
  • How well does he/she trust me to provide the right solution?
  • What will happen to my customer if he/she does not buy my product?
  • What else is he/she buying?
  • Where and how does he/she spend time?

As you answer these questions, you will likely discover that you can create multiple ideal customer personas that differ in key ways. For example, I write blog posts and press releases for diverse clients. Startups and small, growing businesses ask questions and recount experiences that are not the same as larger companies. Their unique approaches to marketing and sharing knowledge will shape our conversations. Also, customers needing blog posts often don’t need press release writing and distribution services from me, and vise versa.

When dealing with multiple customer personas, we can use unique, original content to attract each, addressing specific needs and concerns. Also, genuine conversations are especially important to really get to know each potential customer in the real world.

Unified Messaging Versus Customized Marketing

With all these ideal customer profiles, it’s also important to have a primary message describing what you do. Consider some basic goals or desires your product or service helps to fulfill. Some examples might be:

  • Looking and feeling good
  • Avoiding or alleviating pain
  • Increasing publicity
  • Generating revenue
  • Saving money
  • Improving habits or behaviors

Your own variations on these will help you think about the unified message you want all your prospects to see, even in the midst of all this customized marketing. Although individual webpages, blog posts, brochures, and other materials will address different issues, you want everyone to know your company’s overall mission or reason for being.

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