Teacher Instructs On Grammar Rules of Copywriting

Breaking Grammar Rules and Winning

Grammar rules are useful, and yet, there are times when rules need to be broken. Sometimes, breaking the rules actually helps you share your message. It’s fun too. Here are some grammar rule-breaking ideas in advertising, children’s book writing, and business copywriting. Advertising: Apple’s Slogan, “Think Different” Communicates More Imagine if Apple’s slogan read “Think […]

Time money hourglass

Experts: Stop Wasting Time/Money On Ineffective Content

If you’re an expert, or even just really good at what you do, keep reading. Maybe you’re the type with so many ideas that you can’t decide which ones to try next. Perhaps you’re brilliant on stage but less than brilliant on paper. Before you spend another minute or another cent on your latest content […]

Elephant in the office unspoken marketing public relations challenge

Facing Unspoken Marketing and Public Relations Challenges

It would be easy to paint a perfectly rosy picture. How’s this: all my clients get outstanding media coverage, appearances on the first page of Google, and more phone calls than they can handle. Bumps in the road? Who needs them! The question is, should you believe me? Instead, I’d like you to learn from […]

Empty Store Nobody's Buying Content Marketing

Anyone Can Use It But Nobody’s Buying: Content Marketing To Attract Diverse Customers

“My product is for everyone!” and “I’m not reaching anyone.” What do these statements have in common? The same person made both of these statements, and I’ve heard many variations. How do you market a product or service that’s useful, even life-changing, to customers who differ so much from one another? Here’s what to consider […]


10 Blog Brainstorming Starters

As a child, people told me I asked too many questions. Now, I utilize that curiosity to generate ideas. I use these 10 questions and prompts to begin the blog brainstorming process for my content marketing clients, and you can, too. Personal Experiences and Turning Points Consider the decisions you have made in your business. […]