Strategic Ghostwriting Services from Wise Words That Matter

Your Stories, Your Knowledge, Your Wisdom

Why and how are you the one with the solution? Do your prospects know?

When you apply to speak at events, do bookers trust that you’ll deliver what their audience needs to hear?

We’ve all met thought leaders who too often find that their knowledge and wisdom reach deaf ears and glassy eyes. Readers need their expertise right now, even if they don’t know it yet. That’s why visionaries need content writing that connects with readers, human to human.

You matter. Let’s share your stories, in your voice, so you can become better known, trusted, and remembered.

From SEO to Story Optimization

Let’s face it: the world is done with generic, bland content suitable only for search engines. Your audience needs writing that goes beyond SEO and keyword stuffing. Your audience needs you: your knowledge, your wisdom, and the stories that have made it all possible.

Clients hire me to strategically combine ghostwritten books/e-books with:

  • Blog Posts and updated website content to showcase personal and brand stories
  • Bios to entice publishers, booking agents, and clients alike
  • Press releases to garner media coverage
  • Written e-course materials that offer students real value

Typewriter with pencils and journal