10 Blog Brainstorming Starters

As a child, people told me I asked too many questions. Now, I utilize that curiosity to generate ideas. I use these 10 questions and prompts to begin the blog brainstorming process for my content marketing clients, and you can, too. Personal Experiences and Turning Points Consider the decisions you have made in your business. […]

5 Hidden Truths Reporters Haven’t Told You

As both a reporter and public relations professional, I’d like to let small business owners and nonprofit professionals in on five lesser known truths about news-gathering and coverage. Reporters Focus On Who They Know Reporters may focus on familiar names in their email box, and many are more likely to return calls from people with […]

3 Outreach and Fundraising Tips I Learned At Philanthropy Day Long Island

Philanthropy Day Long Island Philanthropy Day Long Island is an annual conference of the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Long Island (AFPLI.) This all-day conference includes lots of helpful workshops, as well as awards to notable nonprofits. This year, instructors explained how to create a culture of philanthropy, recognize success, and focus on individuals in […]