Businesswoman juggling clocks. Time management for creatives and experts.

10 Time Management Techniques for Creatives and Experts

I’d like to share my take on some tried and true time management tips with fellow creatives, experts, and other people who use their brains to get their work done. Here’s my custom blend of techniques to save time, energy, and focus. These 10 strategies also help me earn more and add more value as […]

overflowing mailbox email content marketing

7 Email Subject Lines They’ll Never Open

I get a lot of marketing email, and I see variations of these ineffective subject lines all the time. Some of these subject lines may even surprise you. Here’s why they don’t work, and notice the simple ways you can fix them right now. 1. Newsletter “Newsletter” is a really common word in my inbox. […]

Time money hourglass

Experts: Stop Wasting Time/Money On Ineffective Content

If you’re an expert, or even just really good at what you do, keep reading. Maybe you’re the type with so many ideas that you can’t decide which ones to try next. Perhaps you’re brilliant on stage but less than brilliant on paper. Before you spend another minute or another cent on your latest content […]

Elephant in the office unspoken marketing public relations challenge

Facing Unspoken Marketing and Public Relations Challenges

It would be easy to paint a perfectly rosy picture. How’s this: all my clients get outstanding media coverage, appearances on the first page of Google, and more phone calls than they can handle. Bumps in the road? Who needs them! The question is, should you believe me? Instead, I’d like you to learn from […]

Frankenstein Marketing Come Alive

Make Your Marketing Come Alive: Free Video Spotlight Opportunity

Would you like to make your marketing come alive, on a video that gets hundreds of views? Read on for your free opportunity to attract more of your best customers. One segment of my Get Noticed Now webinar shows you how to focus on your customers. Participants walk away with new ideas and customer-centered language […]

Design Your Destiny Calendar

How I Transform To-Dos Into Want-Tos: The Power of Possibility

I have something to say that I’m not sure I want to admit. I’ve felt pretty down recently. I’ve been stuck in the same old rut: giving the same elevator speeches, asking the same opening questions, and listening to the same marketing challenges from prospects. Meanwhile, people keep offering me variations on some important wise […]

Bubble of Communication and Customer Connection

4 Genuine Connectors With Customers and Donors

Lots of marketing is so impersonal. Online, customers can do hours of research, reading about products, features, and benefits. Donors often read charity websites while missing the real impact. With so many choices, how can customers put their trust in brands or service providers? Use these tips to find common ground and understand your customers […]

press conference press release killers

4 Easily Avoided Press Release Killers

You know that press release that your team or committee worked so hard to write? Reporters might just throw it away or delete your hard work. Easily increase your media coverage chances by avoiding these common press release mistakes. Your potential media coverage might even get you that next big client or donor. Leading Press […]

Who are you? Business Bio Copywriting

Make Or Break Your Business Bio: Key Copywriting Concerns

Whether you want to impress that next big client, land your next speaking gig, maintain your social media, or publish an editorial, you will need a business bio. I view every professional bio as a work in progress, especially as your career grows. As a copywriter, I specifically work with business owners to craft bios […]

Social Media Icons

Managing Tech Time Wasters Affecting Your Business Now

My clients and I are regularly bombarded with emails and social media posts. Both can waste a lot of time, and in business, time is money. As I discover ways to break through the noise and information overload in my own life, I’m also becoming aware of how these concerns affect customers and prospects. Less […]