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4 Genuine Connectors With Customers and Donors

Lots of marketing is so impersonal. Online, customers can do hours of research, reading about products, features, and benefits. Donors often read charity websites while missing the real impact. With so many choices, how can customers put their trust in brands or service providers? Use these tips to find common ground and understand your customers or donors.

Personal Stories

Consider how your business got started. Perhaps there were turning points or other personal experiences that shaped who you are today, both personally and professionally. My personal journey of carefully facing fears and overcoming challenges has shaped my desire to guide my clients in uncovering their own stories.

Mission Moments

In the nonprofit world, a mission moment is a special story that highlights the organization’s purpose and impact. Many nonprofits tell beautiful stories of saving lives or advocating for the disadvantaged. Businesses can also create these moments. Prospective customers and donors alike want to see products or programs in action, making a difference.

Focus On Value

When possible, networking for mutual gain is a wonderful way to cultivate business relationships. Introductions and referrals have provided many valuable opportunities for me, and I enjoy opening doors for others as well. I also like to check in with my clients to ensure they are getting the most possible value out of my writing and public relations services.

Listen to Understand and Imagine

I approach every conversation with curiosity. As I listen to a prospect, my goal is to understand their business, from their point of view. From their words, I imagine what it might be like as their customer. Then, I brainstorm new ways to engage customers and increase interest in the business’s products and services.

Connect and Get Noticed Now

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