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Experts: Stop Wasting Time/Money On Ineffective Content

If you’re an expert, or even just really good at what you do, keep reading. Maybe you’re the type with so many ideas that you can’t decide which ones to try next. Perhaps you’re brilliant on stage but less than brilliant on paper. Before you spend another minute or another cent on your latest content marketing idea, consider its clarity, consistency, and curiosity factor. Here’s how to relate to your readers, reaffirm your goals, and repurpose your hard work.

Copywriting Clarity for Experts

The most common mistake I’ve seen is using language that doesn’t resonate with your audience. The more absorbed you are in a topic, the easier it is to get stuck in the jargon jungle. I’ve been there. The more familiar I am with a topic, the more I have to step back and use my imagination. This works best when I have a good sense of who my readers are, what their daily lives are like, and how they wish things would change.

Relating to Your Readers

Consider your ideal customer or client. If you have a diverse customer base, play to their strongest common needs and interests. Otherwise, imagine a specific person or group of people. Take your idea and write a webpage, article, blog post or series just for them. They’ll see themselves in your writing. Plus, you won’t waste effort on generic content that intrigues or compels no one.

Expert Content Consistency: Putting It All Together

Is your copy consistent with your content marketing goals? Beyond the basic drive to inform people and generate sales, it’s best for your content marketing ideas to work together. For example, notice how I linked to my previous blog posts so that interested readers can dig deeper.

Reaffirm Content Marketing Goals: Use Calls to Action

Many of my blog posts help readers solve similar problems. They urge readers to take an action. Here are some actions I’d like my readers to take:

  • Calling me
  • Filling out a form
  • Subscribing to my email list
  • Sharing my post, or commenting

I also use my Wise Words That Matter Facebook page to consistently share my content. Facebook Live videos repurpose my content, and viewers are more likely to comment on the videos than the blog.

Curiosity Factor: What Your Readers Want To Know

Another easy content marketing mistake is to jot down lots of facts and processes on which to base your content. Instead, consider how the information helps your audience. Does it tell a story that inspires them to read further?

Are your readers already interested in the subject? If not, then useful content will either grab their attention or address an important concern they have right now.

Repurpose Your Content

Now that you have all these great ideas and content marketing pieces, you will want to make the most out of each one. As a copywriter, I rewrite and reuse content all the time. For example, information from a client’s previous blog posts gets combined in a new way. I also adapt client videos and speeches for the written word.

Need Content Writing Help?

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