press conference press release killers

4 Easily Avoided Press Release Killers

You know that press release that your team or committee worked so hard to write? Reporters might just throw it away or delete your hard work. Easily increase your media coverage chances by avoiding these common press release mistakes. Your potential media coverage might even get you that next big client or donor. Leading Press […]

Who are you? Business Bio Copywriting

Make Or Break Your Business Bio: Key Copywriting Concerns

Whether you want to impress that next big client, land your next speaking gig, maintain your social media, or publish an editorial, you will need a business bio. I view every professional bio as a work in progress, especially as your career grows. As a copywriter, I specifically work with business owners to craft bios […]

Fake News Newspaper Headlines

Fake News and the Search for Truth: Who to Trust and When

Please note: this post discusses how to search for truth in what we read, rather than addressing political issues. It’s about how distorted facts, misused statistics, and quotes from so-called experts worm their way into seemingly credible news stories. I will also touch upon truth in marketing, especially how to consider testimonials and claims on […]

Social Media Icons

Managing Tech Time Wasters Affecting Your Business Now

My clients and I are regularly bombarded with emails and social media posts. Both can waste a lot of time, and in business, time is money. As I discover ways to break through the noise and information overload in my own life, I’m also becoming aware of how these concerns affect customers and prospects. Less […]

Krista Giannak Blind Skier Vermont Adaptive USABA Group Photo

What Do Blind Skiing and Marketing Have In Common?

The powdery snow felt soft under my skis. The temperature was just right, and the company even better during my ski weekend with Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports and the United States Association of Blind Athletes from February 10-12, 2018. I’m a blind skier, and people often ask me how and why I ski without […]

Empty Store Nobody's Buying Content Marketing

Anyone Can Use It But Nobody’s Buying: Content Marketing To Attract Diverse Customers

“My product is for everyone!” and “I’m not reaching anyone.” What do these statements have in common? The same person made both of these statements, and I’ve heard many variations. How do you market a product or service that’s useful, even life-changing, to customers who differ so much from one another? Here’s what to consider […]

Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head

At World’s End, Will Wise Words Matter: Reflections On Hawaii False Alarm

I can only imagine what it must’ve been like, waking up on a Sunday in Honolulu to a text message warning me to seek shelter immediately, due to an inbound nuclear ballistic missile. The January 14 text was sent in error, but it took 38 minutes for the government to send an “all clear” message […]

professional business team networking elevator pitch

3 Networking Strategies From The Pros: Moxxie Mentoring Foundation, Women’s Prosperity Network, and Adrian’s Network

Have you ever listened to someone’s long introductory sales pitch at a networking event and thought, please, don’t let me sound like that guy? Perhaps you’ve noticed superficial people at networking events and contemplated how to foster meaningful connections. Maybe you’ve asked yourself how on earth to follow up with all these new contacts without […]


10 Blog Brainstorming Starters

As a child, people told me I asked too many questions. Now, I utilize that curiosity to generate ideas. I use these 10 questions and prompts to begin the blog brainstorming process for my content marketing clients, and you can, too. Personal Experiences and Turning Points Consider the decisions you have made in your business. […]


Why Didn’t Reporters Cover My Story?

This question is all too common. Read on for three slippery scenarios you can prevent, and a personal confession from me. 1. Too Little Too Late A client hired me to write blog posts featuring some of their customers. My client has an excellent Facebook following and website, so the opportunity for the customers was […]